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There Are Plenty of Good Reasons to Start a Daycare Franchise with Children’s Lighthouse — and Here Are Three of Them

At Children’s Lighthouse, we know the value of our brand and the importance of our industry as more and more families look to provide their children with quality childcare and early education opportunities under one roof. Over the course of 25 years, we’ve built a brand that parents trust, with safe and welcoming schools that children love to attend. There are plenty of good reasons to start a daycare franchise with Children’s Lighthouse, including our comprehensive training and support and our ongoing research and development. Here, we’ll look at a few more. 

You’ll Join a Recession-Resistant Industry

Economies drive industries, and if the economy is at a standstill or is challenged, industries often suffer. The childcare industry, however, is considered recession-resistant because millions of families from all socioeconomic backgrounds need reliable childcare no matter what’s going on in the world. 

Furthermore, as more families become dual-income, more of them will be looking for high-quality childcare that goes well beyond keeping their children safe and occupied. For many of these families, opening your Children’s Lighthouse school will be the answer. Consider these 2021 statistics: 

  •     $54.3B: the value of the childcare industry in 2019
  •     9%: the projected industry growth rate from 2020 to 2027
  •     62.3%: the number of US families with children <18 in which both parents work
  •     71.2%: the number of US mothers with children <18 who are working or looking for work

These figures reflect the stability and importance of our industry, and when you open a daycare franchise with Children’s Lighthouse, you’ll be at the forefront of it.

Owning a Daycare Business with Us Means Partnering with a Leader 

We believe one of the reasons why families love the Children’s Lighthouse brand is because we were founded by family and continue to be led by family. In 1997, brothers Mike and Pat Brown opened the first Children’s Lighthouse school, recognizing the need for childcare that went beyond simply babysitting. Twenty-five years later, we are a top-tier early education franchise because our emphasis on quality, safety, care, and education has never wavered. 

We’re a brand that boasts a lot of value propositions, but at the core of our offering is a proprietary curriculum that addresses the age and skill levels of children aged 6 weeks to 12 years. Leveraging our business model, you’ll be able to teach: 

  •     Infants and toddlers, with The Lighthouse Bright™ program that helps develop skills allowing very young children to move from infancy to toddlerhood.
  •     Preschoolers, with our Lighthouse CARES™ approach, a program that encourages younger children to uncover their individual interests and creative talents.
  •     School-age children, with Our xSTREAM Quest® program, designed to reinforce a child’s knowledge, allowing them to use their strengths to achieve proficiency in design, creativity, and problem-solving.

These curricula will not only allow children K-12 to grow and explore but will provide you with valuable revenue streams to boost your bottom line.

Your Work Will Matter

Too many of us go to work each day feeling as though our careers are simply a paycheck and little else. But when you open a daycare franchise with Children’s Lighthouse, you’ll quickly realize the importance of your work and how much it matters to the families in your community. We know from experience just how rewarding owning and running a preschool franchise can be, and our franchisees know it, too. Now more than ever, Children’s Lighthouse schools are making real differences in cities and towns across the country, and yours can do the same!  

To find out more information about owning a Children’s Lighthouse franchise, reach out to one of our team members today!