Early Childcare Franchise

How to Open a Childcare Franchise with Children’s Lighthouse — It’s a Simple Process!

Every year, millions of Americans go into business for themselves, an exciting process that can also be challenging if you’re starting from scratch. But one of the perks of franchise ownership with Children’s Lighthouse is the journey toward ownership itself. If you’re wondering how to open a childcare franchise with us, we’re proud to say it involves steps that make sense and that are informative, so there’s little room for confusion. Here, we’ll look at a few of the more important ones.

Spend Time with Our FDD

Your franchise journey will likely start right here on our website. It’s a great resource, one that can answer many of the questions you’ll have about opening a childcare franchise with us and what some of the benefits are, including our unmatched training and support. But for a much deeper dive into our offering, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our team and spend time going through our Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD. 

An FDD is an incredibly important document that all franchisors are required to have, and that goes over every aspect of a franchise brand and its investment. You’ll get a chance to review ours when you meet with our Chief Development Officer and Vice President of Operations, and discuss it in depth. During that conversation, we’ll get to know each other better to make sure our goals and values align. You will then receive your own copy for further review at your own pace, perhaps with an attorney if you choose. Receiving a copy of our FDD means we’ve both agreed that a Children’s Lighthouse opportunity is a good one for you to pursue.

Our FDD covers a broad range of topics, including the numbers that make up the investment, our brand leadership and history, training and support, and franchisee obligations, among many other topics. Because it’s such an informative document, potential investors often review it with an attorney to ensure they understand everything it contains. Know, too, that we are always on hand to answer any questions you might have while reviewing our FDD.

How to Start a Childcare Franchise: Enjoy a Discovery Day with Us

A Discovery Day is a very special time that’s set aside for franchisee candidates to get to know our brand in a more face-to-face way. You’ll meet with us at our headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, where you’ll get to speak with our founders and leadership team to learn more about our culture and values. The Children’s Lighthouse brand is an exceptional one, with exceptional people at its helm.

As our franchisee, you’ll be relying on them to keep you on top of industry trends and in front of your best customers, so it’s important that you have the chance to meet them and hear what they bring to the table. They’ll also want to know more about your areas of expertise and how you plan to make the most of a Children’s Lighthouse opportunity. All this and more will be part of a very enjoyable Discover Day, which, if all parties agree, will culminate in your signing a franchise agreement with us.

Welcome to Our Brand Family!

Congratulations! You are now part of the Children’s Lighthouse franchisee family! The next step is truly an exciting one — developing your new school! We’ll be with you throughout the entire process, helping you find and build out the perfect location, conducting important pre-opening training, and being on hand for your grand opening and beyond. We can’t wait! 

To learn how to open a Children’s Lighthouse childcare franchise, reach out to us today!