The Requirements to Open a Preschool Franchise and Answers to Other Common Questions About Our Opportunity

Children’s Lighthouse Franchise Company prides itself as being a fully transparent franchisor, providing a franchise opportunity meant to be taken advantage of by people who want to make a difference in their communities. We believe that once a potential franchisee looks carefully into the requirements to open a preschool franchise, they’ll appreciate just what a premier opportunity ours is. We always make ourselves available to answer questions about owning a Children’s Lighthouse franchise, and here, we’ll take a look at a few of the more common ones.

Is Industry Experience a Requirement for This Franchise Opportunity?

Absolutely not! Our comprehensive pre-opening training and ongoing franchisee support mean you’ll be prepared from day one to take advantage of our business model and our place in the industry. So, while a background in education certainly won’t hurt, it’s not a requirement to start a preschool franchise with us. What we do look for in a franchisee candidate is a willingness to learn and a passion for helping families and children be better prepared to meet the day.

Will I Be Teaching?

No (unless you want to and are licensed to). [LF1] Generally speaking, our franchisees are owners who involve themselves at a high level, networking in their communities, setting and overseeing growth goals, and meeting with their school directors regularly to stay engaged with the day-to-day activities of their schools. They rely on their directors to hire and manage qualified teachers, as well as other staff members your school will need to operate smoothly.

Can I Own More Than One School Franchise?

You sure can! In fact, owning more than one Children’s Lighthouse school means you’ll be able to become a valuable resource in more than one community and enjoy multiple revenue streams. Multi-unit ownership can also allow you to share resources and see quicker growth. We encourage all our franchisees to think about it as a way to leverage our proven business model.

Will I Receive Help Building My New School?

Absolutely. Our school buildings are a signature of the Children’s Lighthouse brand, with their distinctive towers and their warm and welcoming interiors designed to encourage discovery and facilitate play. Our real estate experts will help you identify optimal locations, factoring in demographics and accessibility, and we’ll supply you with building specs and a list of approved vendors to follow for the furnishings and supplies you’ll need to outfit your school.

How Will I Market My School?

Much of your marketing will depend first on networking within your community to let it know of everything your Children’s Lighthouse school has to offer. The good news is because ours is such an established and respected brand within the early learning field, your new franchise will come with built-in recognition. You can also count on our ongoing in-house marketing efforts on your behalf, in the way of digital campaigns, a beautiful consumer-facing website, and more, to help get the word out about how Children’s Lighthouse schools are making a difference everywhere.

To find out more about what it takes to own a preschool franchise under the Children’s Lighthouse name, reach out today!

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