Four Important Questions to Ask About a Children’s Lighthouse Preschool Franchise Opportunity

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Anyone who is contemplating small business ownership should do so in an educated way. They should do their homework, ask questions, and seek advice from those who have gone before them. Taking advantage of a Children’s Lighthouse preschool franchise opportunity is no different. We encourage potential franchisees to learn as much as they can about early education and childcare and where our brand fits into the industry. With that said, keep reading for some common questions we hear about our offering, along with their answers. 

How Robust Is the Childhood Early Learning Industry?

One of the most important considerations to make before becoming a small business owner is deciding which industry to become part of. A Children’s Lighthouse preschool franchise opportunity takes advantage of not just a thriving industry but a recession-resistant one.

What do we mean by recession-resistant?

Industries that are recession-resistant are those that provide essential goods or services and, as such, aren’t as vulnerable to the effects of outside influences, pressures, or trends. Looked at another way, these industries either provide an absolute necessity the public will always keep needing, or they see demand rise due to whatever challenging conditions the economy may be under.

High-quality childcare and early education have always been sought after by parents, but the need and demand have increased dramatically. Today, nearly 70% of young mothers participate in the workforce, requiring more families to seek outside childcare. Furthermore, 50% of Americans report having trouble finding childcare, with 27% of them saying it’s because there aren’t enough open childcare slots. Your Children’s Lighthouse franchise will be there to meet that need with a suite of services your community will quickly appreciate!

Why Should I Choose from Preschool Franchise Opportunities Over Starting from Scratch?

There are many good reasons to become part of a premier franchise brand like Children’s Lighthouse over starting your preschool from scratch. To begin with, we’re a highly respected and recognized name in the early learning sphere, with decades of industry experience, which we’ve used to create a business model that takes the guesswork out of things.

You’ll never go it alone with us, as we help you build and staff your new school and keep you on top of important industry developments and trends. We’ll help you market your new school, too, so you’re always in front of your best customer, and our corporate team is always available to answer your questions, hear your concerns, or welcome your feedback. Our franchise opportunities allow you to be in business for yourself, never by yourself, with resources that simply aren’t available when you start from scratch. 

What Will My Revenue Streams Be?

At the heart of our offering is a proprietary curriculum that teachers feel good about and that children love to engage with. It’s a tailored approach that factors in each child’s age and stage of development and that provides you with multiple revenue streams. From infants to toddlers to preschoolers and school-aged children, your Children’s Lighthouse early learning center will help develop a lifelong love of learning in young, growing minds as you quickly become a valued community resource. The fact is our curriculum is second to none, and it’s what’s helped us become a leader in our field, a brand that stands way ahead of the competition.

How Do I Get My Preschool Franchise Business Started?

We want to make it as easy as possible for as many qualified candidates as possible to become part of the Children’s Lighthouse brand family — and the process starts right here on our website. Fill out a short form with a bit of information about yourself, and one of our franchise team members will get back to you promptly to get the ball rolling!

To find out more about a Children’s Lighthouse early childhood education franchise opportunity, reach out today!

Table of Contents

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