Opening a Preschool Franchise with Children’s Lighthouse Can Mean a Purpose-Driven Life and More Meaningful Career

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If you find yourself waking up each workday not looking forward to the next 8 to 10 hours, you’re not alone. While nationally, more Americans than ever (nearly 57%) are satisfied with their jobs, that still leaves a large percentage who aren’t! Opening a preschool franchise with Children’s Lighthouse has the potential to change that. Job satisfaction depends on a number of things, of course, but we know from experience that being in business for oneself and providing something of value to your community are two factors that can really make the difference between tolerating your job and loving it!

Meaningful Life. Meaningful Living.

Children’s Lighthouse has had a hand in creating a lot of job satisfaction over the years. We’ve been providing exceptional care and rich learning opportunities to children since 1997, with a proprietary curriculum that teachers love to teach and that kids love to learn. We’re a family-owned brand that respects the unique needs of each child, and that helps franchisees succeed in an important industry. With our time-tested business model, comprehensive training, and unwavering franchisee support, it’s no wonder Children’s Lighthouse is an award-winning, top-tier franchise opportunity.

The Need for High-Quality Childcare Has Never Been Greater

Combining a purpose-driven life with a good living is a wonderful goal, but let’s be honest, it’s not always possible to achieve. A lot depends on what industry you go into, and any sort of impactful career change requires some homework and good decision-making. Joining the Children’s Lighthouse family as a franchisee is just that — a smart choice. Consider these statistics:

  • 35M: the number of U.S. working mothers in 2019
  • 12.5M: the number of children under 6 who require childcare
  • $54.3B: the value of the childcare industry in 2019
  • 3.9%: the projected industry growth rate from 2020 to 2027

These numbers reflect a growing need for high-quality childcare as more and more parents enter the workforce. Ours is a recession-resistant industry that provides an increasingly essential service, and when you partner with Children’s Lighthouse to open your early learning center, you’ll quickly become a leader in it.

Be in Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

One of the most important advantages of partnering with Children’s Lighthouse to open a preschool franchise is that you don’t need prior experience in our industry to make the most of it. That’s because we’ll provide you with comprehensive training before your school opens, going over all aspects of its day-to-day operation. Our four-week training program is a blend of the corporate office and on-site instruction and covers topics like:

  • How to teach our proprietary curriculum
  • How to find, train and keep qualified staff
  • How to financially manage your school for growth
  • How to market your school to reach your best customer
  • How to leverage important vendor relationships
  • And much more!

Are You Ready for a Better Quality of Life?

Beyond being an important resource to your community, as a Children’s Lighthouse franchisee, you just might be able to strike a better work/life balance, one that allows you more time for enjoyment outside of work. Your trained staff and school director will be on hand to oversee much of your center’s operations, letting you choose how deeply you’d like to be involved. Furthermore, you won’t ever have to work nights or weekends, leaving you that valuable time to spend however you’d like — with family or friends, or just relaxing on your own!

At the end of the day, our franchisees know how rewarding it is to be part of something bigger than themselves and how valuable an asset their Children’s Lighthouse center is to their community. They’re doing what so many hope to do — live a meaningful life while earning a meaningful living. Wouldn’t you like to do the same?

To find out more about how to open a Children’s Lighthouse preschool franchise, reach out today!

Table of Contents

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