Starting a Childcare Business with Us Means You Can Count on Our Franchise Training and Support!

If you’d like to make a difference in your community by starting a childcare business with Children’s Lighthouse but are worried you need a background in our industry to do so, you can rest easy! Our franchisees come from all walks of life and with a variety of professional experiences. All of them have enjoyed one of the most important advantages of partnering with us to open their center: our pre-opening training and ongoing support. When you become part of the Children’s Lighthouse brand family, you’ll benefit from that, too. Here, we’ll take a brief look at how we prepare you to fully leverage our important industry.

Initial Pre-Opening Training

We have decades of experience in the childcare industry and have used that to not only craft a robust business model but bring our franchisees up to speed on just about everything they’ll need to know to get started in the childcare business with us. Before your school opens, you and senior members of your staff will spend four weeks with us, in both a corporate and on-site setting, to learn all about many of the operational aspects of running your school. These include:

  • How to teach our proprietary curriculum
  • How to find, train and keep qualified staff
  • How to financially manage your school for growth
  • How to market your school to reach your best customer
  • How to leverage important vendor relationships
  • And so much more!

This preparation also includes a week of in-school training before opening your center, and one week of post-opening training on-site, with access to our proprietary Operations Manual, a comprehensive resource that contains important information about our policies and procedures.

After Your Center Doors Open

Starting a childcare business with Children’s Lighthouse comes with key advantages, and one of the most significant is our ongoing support. After your franchise is open for business, you’ll enjoy regular guidance from members of our team, which includes a visit by one of our franchise experts shortly after you open, who’ll make sure all your questions are answered and you’re positioned to succeed. After that, you’ll enjoy quarterly visits from a franchise consultant whose job it is to help you set and reach goals and keep you up to speed on best practices. Beyond that, we’re always available by phone or email to address your questions or concerns or just listen to valuable feedback.

The success of any brand is truly a reflection of the hard work done by both the corporate team and its franchisees. Each brings valuable resources and perspectives to the table, and it’s this collaborative spirit that has allowed Children’s Lighthouse to become a leader in a competitive industry.

You can count on our experience and expertise to guide you every step of the way. To find out more about how Children’s Lighthouse prepares and supports our franchise partners, get in touch today!


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