The Children’s Lighthouse Daycare Franchise Investment Comes with Important Distinctions

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When you take advantage of a Children’s Lighthouse daycare franchise investment, it not only puts you in the middle of an essential industry, but it also allows you to enjoy immediate distinctions that other brands don’t provide and that position you ahead of the competition. We’ve been helping parents and children for nearly three decades, and we’re exceptionally proud of the value propositions we have to offer. Keep reading to find out about a few of them.


Family Owned and Operated

These days, family-owned small businesses are more appreciated than ever.  They are often beloved members of their communities and make important contributors to the US economy – and we’re honored to be included in that group! The fact is, most people trust family-owned small businesses because they know they can go to them and be heard, and your Children’s Lighthouse school will benefit from that same reputation. 

Our founders, brothers Mike and Pat Brown, opened the first Children’s Lighthouse school in 1997, knowing that high-quality childcare had to go beyond simple babysitting and playtime. They were parents themselves and understood the value of rich learning environments for children. Today, the Children’s Lighthouse franchise brand is still owned and operated by the Brown family, with Mike Brown, the son of one of our founders, now at the helm.

“I was one of three young boys, so my parents knew firsthand how much we thrived in a fun, engaging atmosphere,” remembers Mike. With their commitment to a child’s intellectual and emotional growth, the Brown brothers were able to open nine schools in six short years. Today, there are more than 60 Children’s Lighthouse schools across the country, and our franchise family continues to grow because our franchisees know we’re committed to their success.

“Franchisees tell us all the time how rare it is to find a company that is still family owned and operated and how much they appreciate a franchisor that truly cares about their success like we do,” says Mike. 


Deep Industry Experience

We don’t just know early childhood education; we live it! It’s what motivates us every day to be the best we can be and what gives us the most satisfaction at the end of the day. Our daycare franchise represents nearly three decades of building a brand parents can trust, and we use our deep industry experience to help guide and support our franchisees. They can rely on us to provide them with the things they’ll need to grow their small businesses – resources like a comprehensive and scalable business model that’s stood the test of time, expert marketing materials they can use to reach their best customers, and ongoing learning and networking opportunities to keep them in the know.

A well-rounded and nuanced understanding of the industry a franchisor sits in is not a given. It can only come with time and experience and with a deep commitment to individual and overall brand growth. We use our knowledge every day to help our franchisees find their place in an industry we love.


Proprietary Curriculum 

When it comes to quality childcare, today’s parents are looking for more than just a safe and reliable environment for their children. They want a place where kids can learn and grow – one that celebrates their unique strengths and encourages exploration. Your Children’s Lighthouse school will be just such an atmosphere, and at the heart of our franchise is a curriculum that teachers love to teach and children love to learn.  

We’ve tailored our approach to early learning to factor in a child’s stage of development, which not only allows them age-appropriate learning experiences but also provides our franchisees with multiple revenue streams. You’ll benefit from three distinct approaches to education meant for three age groups: infants and toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. Through individualized skill development, group learning, self-regulation, and inquiry-based investigation, you’ll encourage children to embrace a love of learning and bring out their best selves, preparing them for the rewards and challenges of adulthood. 


A Children’s Lighthouse daycare franchise investment will put you in the middle of a recession-resistant industry with the help of a leader in it. To become part of our brand family,  reach out today!

Table of Contents

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