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Deanna Gustafson, Franchise Owner, Orlando, FL

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Become a franchise owner at Children's Lighthouse! This franchise opportunity will help you make a difference in many lives as you bring educational childcare to your community and inspire others to grow, learn, and succeed. Moreover, as you mentor your staff and market your school, you enjoy a more balanced lifestyle—one where you can make time for your family and the things that give your life purpose.

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A curriculum that teachers love to teach and children love to learn.

Our proprietary curriculum was designed to instill a love for learning at every age of the children we serve and is known by its acronym Lighthouse C.A.R.E.S.SM

Character Values Education focuses not only on intellectual development, but also on healthy social and emotional growth.

Active Engagement is achieved through a hands-on approach where children explore the world in which they live.

Research-Centered Practice uses current scientific, educational and psychological research to guide our teaching methods and curriculum.

Embedded Content uses themed units that combine key skills like reading and mathematics with science and social studies content.

Standards-Based Objectives guide every learning activity in order to meet both national and state standards.

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A Proprietary Curriculum

Franchisee Juanita Brown talks about the benefits of the Children's Lighthouse curriculum.

Educational child care is in high demand.

Educational child care is a critical element in a child’s later success. Our Children’s Lighthouse franchise knows that several decades of research clearly demonstrate that high-quality, developmentally appropriate early childhood programs produce short- and long-term positive effects on children’s cognitive and social development.¹ Parents have become more aware of these research-based benefits, as 12.5 million children under the age of 4 are enrolled in child care today.² The child care industry is growing, estimated to be a $61 billion industry in 2010, an increase of 27.6% since 2005.³ Industry growth is projected to continue, fueled in part by the baby boom ‘echo’ demographic reaching child bearing years. The under-five population will steadily increase, with a projected growth of 55% from 2000-2050.⁴ Additional factors influencing child care industry growth are:

  • The continued rise of women in the workforce
  • Women returning to the workforce earlier after childbirth
  • An increase in the number of single mothers in the U.S.⁵

As parents continue to place high value on educational child care, Children’s Lighthouse is ideally positioned to provide a solution that fits for all major U.S. markets.

Like a lighthouse, we guide the way.

As a leading daycare franchise, Children's Lighthouse strives to excel with the most comprehensive, proven training and support.

During the start-up phase we offer business plan assistance, financing guidance, real estate selection and construction management advice. You're making big decisions and it's a very exciting time!

We look for Franchise Owners who are business professionals, not necessarily education professionals. So we teach you! Your role as "CEO" of your school will include business planning, marketing, customer service, human resources, enrollment building, financial benchmarking and much more. All are covered in our four-week program that blends classroom training at the home office, operational training at an existing Children's Lighthouse franchise and on-site at your school.

We know that you strive to excel. So we provide you with a Franchise Consultant that supports you with ongoing training during quarterly visits, assists you with business and classroom management, after-hours education for your staff, seasonal action plans and quality assessments of your entire operation.

Knowledge really is power. Our proprietary technology platform provides transparency across the franchise system, allowing for best practice sharing and financial targeting.

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