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Do you remember what it was like to shop at a family-owned business? Main Street used to be lined with mom-and-pop shops that were supported by communities all across America. And while there are still many thousands of small businesses run by entrepreneurs of all stripes, the family-owned business is one that holds a special place in many people’s hearts.

At Children’s Lighthouse, we know all about that. Ours is truly a family-owned and -operated brand that has been helping communities for over 25 years, and our growth is something we’re extremely proud of. Fill out the brief form on this page to get instant access to our free eBook, “Children’s Lighthouse: A Family Brand that Makes a Difference to Children, Families, and Franchisees!” You’ll learn more about how being family-owned and -operated makes a difference, and how we commit ourselves to our communities, and the long-term growth and success of our franchise partners.


Then, after you’ve read it, reach out to our team to begin your franchise journey with us!

A Family Brand That Makes a Difference to Children Families and Franchisees

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