Childrens Lighthouse: Not Just a Daycare

At first glance, Childrens Lighthouse may seem like another children’s daycare. However, you’ll quickly find that our franchise is much more than that. 

Childrens Lighthouse provides a nurturing environment with a highly effective curriculum that promotes cognitive, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. We’re a family-focused, premium early learning school with a focus on developing children academically and emotionally from as early as six weeks old!

Together, with our passionate franchise owners, we provide a guiding light for early childhood education. Our Lighthouse C.A.R.E.S.℠ curriculum is based on an age-appropriate, comprehensive learning approach, incorporating character values like integrity, fairness and honesty.

Parents are raving about how Childrens Lighthouse goes above and beyond for their children. But, don’t just take our word for it – check out some of our glowing reviews!

“I love Childrens Lighthouse because they meet the needs of my family. The staff are great, the building is clean and safe, and they have a fabulous educational program. Their curriculum encourages exploration, good communication skills and engages in fun-filled learning activities from the time they are an infant.” – Salina B. in Dallas, Texas

“My husband and I visited several child care centers to and none of them compared to Childrens Lighthouse! You get what you pay for here because not only is the facility great, but the staff is WONDERFUL too!! We HIGHLY recommend Childrens Lighthouse to anyone!” – Natasha S. in Los Angeles, California

“This is the first time my children have attended a childcare learning school, and they LOVE it. They get excited when time comes to go to sleep, so that they will get to go to school the next morning again. They love their teachers, food, games and most of all the learning times.” – Bardha R. in Houston, Texas

Of course, our dedicated franchise owners have found much to love in Childrens Lighthouse as well, from the opportunity to be a part of their student’s lives and give back to the community, to the ability to grow a rewarding business with the backing of exceptional franchisee support. Check out these video testimonials to hear it right from our franchisees!

The bottom line: Childrens Lighthouse is not just a daycare. We’re a well-rounded investment opportunity in the childhood enrichment industry. As a franchisee with our premium early childhood learning franchise, you’ll play an integral part in helping to grow young brains, bodies and behaviors while connecting families to their communities. 

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Learn Why Our Women Franchise Owners Love Childrens Lighthouse

At Childrens Lighthouse, we believe that every child has a right to excellence in all aspects of early childhood education. And, we believe that every franchise owner, teacher and staff member can make a difference in the lives of the children and families that we serve. 

We’d like to take a moment to highlight a few of our many Rockstar women franchise owners who embody our values and beliefs, and have made an incredible impact on their communities by providing a guiding light for early childhood education. Read on to learn more!

Aspen Ricks – Greater Kansas City, Kansas

Inspired by the high standards and remarkable curriculum offered by Childrens Lighthouse, Aspen joined our franchise system in 2014. Now the owner of four Childrens Lighthouse locations in the Kansas City area, Ricks and her team have given hundreds of local children a head start in life through early education.

“The most rewarding part about being a Childrens Lighthouse franchisee is having more time to spend with family, working for myself and bettering the community with the support of the best industry leaders,” says Aspen. “I not only make a great living, I also make a difference.” 

Aspen has been recognized multiple times during past Childrens Lighthouse annual owners conferences with our “Rising Star” award, a special honor given to high-performing franchise owners who demonstrate a unique ability to meet every challenge head on, maintain focus, and achieve operational excellence and stability.  

In addition to impacting her students, Aspen has a history of community involvement. For example, she’s put together gift baskets and hosted food drives at her Childrens Lighthouse locations to help families in need. She says that she’s always felt called back to give back to her community, especially in more recent times during the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Davora Sides – Chicago, Illinois

Davora is the co-owner of Childrens Lighthouse North Center Chicago and joined our franchise system in 2015. She brings all-star organization and service skills that she developed during her 14 years working with kids in camps, schools and family entertainment venues to her business.

“The most rewarding part about being a Childrens Lighthouse franchisee is building relationships with families,” says Davora. “We have the honor of raising children who are primarily coming from dual working households. We spend as much time with some of these kids as their parents. We literally become like family and it give us such pride to help raise these little ones and get them ready for school.”

Davora especially appreciates being a part of a family-run brand that provides dedicated support to each and every franchise owner.

“This is a great business to be in. Every day you get to provide a service that makes parents lives better and easier,” Davora adds. “You also get the joy that comes from being around children and their always surprising imaginations. And from the business standpoint, there’s a lot of financial potential. Childrens Lighthouse provides the resources and support staff needed to feel like someone has your back.”

Noor Attia – Cedar Park, Texas

Noor Attia, along with siblings Alla, Tesneem and Ahmed, teamed up to open their Childrens Lighthouse location in Cedar Park, Texas in 2019. 

Opening a Childrens Lighthouse Learning Center was a natural fit for Noor, who has children of her own. She wanted a way to give back to her community and provide parents the same level of quality educational childcare that she was seeking for her own children. She found exactly that in Childrens Lighthouse. 

“The first time I toured a Childrens Lighthouse school, I was blown away,” says Noor. “It exceeded all of my expectations and offered a nationally accredited curriculum that I hadn’t seen anywhere else. This was a school that my siblings and I were excited to bring our children to, and we wanted to offer that same level of excitement to other families.” 

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Childrens Lighthouse President Participates in Franchise Roundtable Discussion with U.S. House Member Beth Van Duyne

On Friday, January 29, Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company President Michael Brown had the opportunity to meet with newly sworn-in U.S. House Member Beth Van Duyne, along with several other franchisors in the Dallas area, during a franchise roundtable discussion.

The roundtable, held at Rep. Van Duyne’s local office, offered the opportunity for members of the local franchising community to share with Rep. Van Duyne more information about the franchise model and the many industries and sectors represented. 

Participants in the roundtable also discussed several important issues related to small business and the franchise model. Brown specifically spoke to Childrens Lighthouse’s experience with PPP loans and reiterated the importance of getting businesses back open and running with less restrictions as a necessary means to jumpstart the economy. Varun Sharma, owner of Childrens Lighthouse Viridian at Arlington, was also able to share his experiences with receiving PPP funding and how that supported their school during the heat of the pandemic.

At Childrens Lighthouse, we value our local connections. We’re committed to continuing the conversation with changemakers – both on a local and national level – so we can build strong relationships and have a voice when it comes to policy changes. 

Childrens Lighthouse franchisees are just one example of passionate small business owners pursuing their American Dream while making a positive impact on local youth and families. The franchise model in general is often misunderstood by those who are not familiar with it, so it’s critical that we educate others on the realities of what franchising truly is, and the positive impact it creates in communities far and wide. 

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Building a Family Legacy: Hear from Childrens Lighthouse “Couplepreneurs”

At Childrens Lighthouse, our franchisees love what they do – their investment empowers them to invest in themselves, their families and their communities. 

And, for many of our owners, this isn’t just an investment opportunity – it’s a chance for them to build a family legacy by doing something they are passionate about. Learn more about a few of our franchising couples, or “couplepreneurs,” how the franchise opportunity has impacted their families and what advice they have to share with other couples considering going into business ownership together. 

Why did you want to go into business ownership with your partner?  

“We wanted to create something for ourselves that would play into our strengths as a couple and also build something that our children could be a part of.” – Chip and Amanda Palluch, owners of Childrens Lighthouse Two Creeks

“We each had a specific set of skills and knowledge that complemented each other, specifically for the childcare business. Stefani has been in childcare since she was in her teens and I am a CPA/Attorney. We had a lot of boxes checked before we even got started. Plus, we have been married a long time (30 years), so we know each other well.” – Stefani and Steve Kulawik, owner of Childrens Lighthouse Alamo Ranch

What is the most rewarding part of working with your partner?

“The most rewarding part of working together is knowing that no matter what happens, we will continue to be partners for life.” – Brittany and Jamize Olawale, owners of Childrens Lighthouse Mansfield

“Accomplishments and success in the business are that much more rewarding since we are doing it together, and it lends to our life goals. We are on the same page as far as expectations. We do not have to rely on or consult with a non-family owner/partner for decisions.” – Stefani and Steve Kulawik, owner of Childrens Lighthouse Alamo Ranch

What advice would you offer to other couples who are considering going into business ownership together? 

“Make sure you are on the same page and always working toward the same goals. Communicate, communicate, communicate. To be successful, you need to have a unified and agile plan.” – Chip and Amanda Palluch, owners of Childrens Lighthouse Two Creeks

“Extend your partner grace and room to grow. Be ok with stepping back when you see your gifts are better suited elsewhere.” – Brittany and Jamize Olawale, owners of Childrens Lighthouse Mansfield

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The Importance of Educational Childcare

If there’s one thing the pandemic dramatically highlighted, it is the need for quality childcare. Childcare makes the economic engine run, and without reliable ways of accessing it, families’ jobs suffer. Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company has been delivering peace of mind for families across the country and reconfigured already stringent processes to keep families and staff safe during a difficult year.

Childrens Lighthouse believes not just in the value of quality childcare, but also in providing a strong foundation for educational development. We work with our proprietary C.A.R.E.S. curriculum, which emphasizes a character-building approach to early childhood education, including cooperation, kindness, honesty, respect, gratitude and more. The C.A.R.E.S. stands for character values education, active engagement through doing, research-centered practice, embedded content through themed units, and standards-based objectives. These cornerstones have helped Childrens Lighthouse develop an outstanding curriculum that constantly meets the needs of today’s children and their families.

Our schools dive deep into what defines each positive trait and work on focused units for a month each so children can understand the various ways in which these valuable traits can manifest themselves. Childrens Lighthouse also staffs schools with caregivers who model sound character behavior — it’s about learning and doing.

The future is unknown but we do know that solid values-based education will stand all children in good stead and help them realize their full potential. Families appreciate our dedication to partnering with them and caring for their children in the best ways possible. 

Because Childrens Lighthouse has such a strong focus on a character-based curriculum, we are a standout in the early childhood market and a draw for families. Franchisees are the beneficiaries of this special position that Childrens Lighthouse occupies. Through the pandemic and beyond, Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company has shown what it takes to provide quality educational childcare that nurtures children. It’s why our franchisees and our families trust us with their business and their most precious assets — their children.

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Looking Ahead to 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic and the cyclical lockdowns might have impacted education overall with parents and children figuring out how to make jobs and school work. But at Childrens Lighthouse, we understood the value of maintaining in-person learning early on. By focusing on redesigned classrooms and class sizes and increased sanitation and hygiene procedures, franchisees could ensure some level of continuity for families. 

It’s not just our approach to the pandemic that has won approval. Our focus on nurturing both a values-based education and proprietary CARES curriculum make us a standout. So popular is Childrens Lighthouse that our franchise is expected to register 200% growth in 2021, adding twelve new locations. January alone will see three new locations in Texas, in Mansfield, Corinth and Forney. January will also include a new opening in Apex, NC. Other 2021 schools include locations in Valrico (Tampa) FL; Katy, TX; Rosenberg, TX; Holly Springs, NC; Jessup, MD; Fate, TX.

Growth is not limited to Texas alone. We are also targeting new markets for expansion, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Kansas City, Austin, DFW, Houston, Raleigh/Durham, Tampa, Orlando and Washington D.C. metro.

Childrens Lighthouse franchise partners benefit from a true partnership with the extended family in which ideas for what works in a period of flux are immediately implemented and nurtured. At a time when working families are looking for quality childcare options, Childrens Lighthouse provides a welcoming beacon. Families appreciate our investment in positive learning outcomes for all children, no matter the challenges. Such loyalty and extensive franchise support are what draw our franchise partners to Childrens Lighthouse. 

The proof is in the pudding. We’re looking forward to kickstarting 2021 with fresh energy and new insights into what defines quality childcare. The value of in-person learning has become apparent over the pandemic. At Childrens Lighthouse, we help our owners deliver that model while adhering to strong safety and health protocols.

Our ability to abide by our commitment to early childhood education promises to deliver an exciting new year.

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Childrens Lighthouse Prioritizes Philanthropy Year-Round

The principles of character are molded into Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company’s core values: “We believe in the importance of teaching character values, and more importantly, in modeling their use in our interactions with children, their families, and one another.” As a company, we actively pursue opportunities to donate time and resources to the communities we serve in order to live those values every day. 

Through our national partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, we have an established outlet that allows all of our franchise owners to participate in and host philanthropic events. Alexis Legg, the owner of soon-to-open Childrens Lighthouse in Oak Forest, Texas, recently put together a team for a virtual St. Jude walk-a-thon and raised $1,500 for the organization. To cap off a month of fundraising, Deanna Gustafson and the team at Childrens Lighthouse Winter Garden, Florida held a trike-a-thon in February to support St. Jude’s mission. These are just a few examples of the ways in which our owners choose to donate their resources and time. 

In addition to their work with St. Jude, it’s been heartening to see so many of our franchise partners come to the support of their community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Several schools, including Texas locations in Lake Houston, Arlington and Wylie, hosted blood drives to shore up critical supplies for regional hospitals. Owner Navi Sharma of the Arlington location said she was delighted to do what she could to help during the pandemic. Looking to support frontline workers in times of need, many Childrens Lighthouse schools also offered discounted fees to families of essential workers. 

Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of early childhood education. By giving back to their communities in whichever way they can, our franchisees also model good character to the very children they nurture. 

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Proprietary Curriculum Propels Growth for Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company

Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company understands: Education is about more than just rote learning of facts, it’s also about developing kind and empathetic world citizens. Our proprietary C.A.R.E.S.℠ curriculum delivers character-based, age-appropriate learning in early learning schools that are welcoming and nurturing. 

The C.A.R.E.S acronym stands for Character Values Education; Active Engagement through hands-on learning; Research-Centered practice applying the latest in early childhood education to our approach; Embedded content with overlapping thematic elements and Standards-based objectives, ensuring we help children achieve state and national learning standards. 

The values-based curriculum sets Childrens Lighthouse apart from other early learning schools and gives parents peace of mind that their children are being nourished in every way. Our professionals model the same values they teach and work with parents to complement home and school lessons expertly.

CLFC’s approach to well-rounded education has led to satisfied franchisees who serve a special niche in childcare. Franchisee Juantia Brown is proud that the outstanding curriculum nurtures children who start elementary school with an advantage: not only are they above grade in reading and math skills, they’re also polite and eager to learn. The well-rounded curriculum attracts families who want more than just a warm body watching their children, they’re looking for character and values-based early childhood education.

Additionally, passionate entrepreneurs are sitting up and taking notice. Childrens Lighthouse has now opened new locations in Seabrook and Allen, Texas. In addition to expanding in the Lone Star State, CLFC also expanded into Colorado with a school in Parker. The launch in Colorado is just the beginning of a strategic expansion for Childrens Lighthouse as it looks to bring its signature curriculum and robust childcare model to five additional schools in 2020. 

Early childhood education that focuses on every aspect of a child’s development, that abides by the latest research in the field, and that meets standards is hard to find. Satisfied parents, children and franchisees attest that the Childrens Lighthouse approach is exemplary and wins accolades in every community it serves. Care is woven into our very message, and it continues to drive our growth as we expand into new markets.

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Childrens Lighthouse Creates Opportunities for Franchisee Growth During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic may have upended the education delivery method with many schools choosing to work with a hybrid model, but that doesn’t mean families had to struggle through virtual learning this fall. 

Mixed-learning methods, which allow students to attend in-person classes for a few days a week and are fully remote other days, have left parents with the challenge to find options that will give their children a meaningful education – while continuing their own careers. But, as parents looked for guidance on the new rules of school, Childrens Lighthouse franchisees stepped in and to fill the void, benefiting from new revenue opportunities while still delivering premier educational programming.

Our Virtual Learning Assistance program allowed parents to schedule time either all-day or in blocks at Childrens Lighthouse as staff facilitated learning for children. In between active learning blocks, kids could also socialize with their peers, a component many parents were worried that their children would miss out on because of remote learning. We redesigned classroom spaces, controlled access to schools and increased disinfection practices even more to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all. And, to keep skills flourishing, we have also launched XStream Quest, a quest-based approach to learning science, technology, reading, engineering, arts and math (STREAM) skills. 

These programs, layered on top of our already robust proprietary curriculum, give franchisees a distinct advantage in serving their client base. In fact, our efforts have won coverage in Austin and Frisco, Texas and Hoover, Alabama.

Over the years, Childrens Lighthouse has distinguished itself not just as a premier provider of early childhood education, but also as an enriching career option for franchisees. The COVID-19 pandemic might have disrupted learning, but it has also provided our franchisees with new opportunities that can be harnessed to grow revenue while keeping the needs of families front and center.  

As we continue to grow into new areas, we are seeking talented individuals who share our passion for community, nurturing care and education. If that sounds like you, reach out to us to learn more about how you can become a Childrens Lighthouse franchise partner.

Childrens Lighthouse Expands Services to Accommodate Virtual Learning and Support Franchisees

During a time when 40% of childcare centers in the U.S. could close its doors for good, Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company remains resilient. In fact, we recently opened three new schools in Seabrook, Allen and Sugar Land, Texas and have five signed agreements in place in Apex, North Carolina; Jessup, Maryland; and Oak Forest, Forney and Mansfield, Texas. 

As a premier early learning school, we promptly realized that we would need to adapt and expand both our curriculum and our franchise support during this ever-evolving time. To do so, we announced the launch of two new proprietary programs,Virtual Learning Assistance and xSTREAM Quest℠ after school curriculum. 

The Virtual Learning Assistance program was designed to provide a more connected learning environment for school-age children who are participating in virtual learning this fall. With flex plans that include full-day or block schedule options, the program is customizable to fit each child’s individual needs to ensure a setting conducive to learning.

Additionally, our new afterschool curriculum, xSTREAM Quest℠, is a proprietary new STREAM-based afterschool curriculum designed exclusively for Childrens Lighthouse school-agers. Questers (students) take on solo, team, outdoor and community challenges to earn cog badges, eventually becoming cog masters in different subjects. The curriculum incorporates character values and community service with a STREAM (science, technology, reading engineering arts, math) focus, and will help children develop critical and higher-thinking skills.  

“In all of my years as an educator, I have never encountered an afterschool program that has embraced a unique, comprehensive curriculum like xSTREAM Quest℠,” said Dr. Kristi Martin-Smith, Director of Education and Training for Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company. “The amount of engagement and excitement we’re already seeing from students who have participated in the program is remarkable. They’re having so much fun completing challenges and earning badges that they hardly realize they’re developing critical higher-thinking skills.” 

By expanding our services, we have been able to equip our franchisees with the tools they need to keep their businesses going and assure parents in their communities that their children are learning in a safe and healthy environment. Our new and veteran franchisees alike are excited to continue to invest in themselves and their communities through their Childrens Lighthouse schools. 

Childrens Lighthouse is on a rapid ascent to the top of the educational child care industry, and franchise investors are taking notice. As we continue to grow into new areas, we are seeking talented individuals who share our passion for community, nurturing care and education. If that sounds like you, reach out to us to learn more about how you can become a Childrens Lighthouse franchise partner.

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