Who Is Children’s Lighthouse and What Is the History of Our Early Childhood Education Franchise?

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Children are our most precious members of society. In them many of us see our hopes and dreams for the future. The Children’s Lighthouse brand has always believed in the potential of each of us, no matter what our age, and it’s why our early childhood education franchise has always focused on engaging the whole child, to prepare him or her for a confident and successful adulthood.

But how did Children’s Lighthouse get its start? What motivates us every day to do what we do and where do we fit into our robust industry? These are important questions that we’ll answer briefly, here.

Beyond Babysitting

When brothers Mike and Pat Brown opened the first Children’s Lighthouse school in 1997, they recognized the need for quality childcare that went beyond playtime and simple baby-sitting. They were parents themselves and understood first-hand the importance of quality childcare that provides real opportunities for learning and enrichment, in addition to time for socializing and playing. This philosophy that was the genesis of the Children’s Lighthouse brand 25 years ago continues to inform everything we do. Today, we are a family-owned brand that respects the unique needs of each child, with a proprietary curriculum that encourages young minds to explore and create. As a result, Children’s Lighthouse continues to be a top-tier early childhood education franchise, one that serves more and more families every day.

The Need for High Quality Childcare Has Never Been Greater

As more families become dual income, more of them are looking for high quality childcare that goes well beyond keeping their child safe and occupied; they want to provide their children with a chance to learn and grow in a way that celebrates their unique qualities. For many of these families, Children’s Lighthouse is the answer.

The fact is, ours is a recession-resistant opportunity, one that provides an increasingly essential service. Consider these statistics:

  • 35M: the number of U.S. working mothers in 2019
  • 5M: the number of children under 6 who require childcare
  • $54.3B: the value of the childcare industry in 2019
  • 9%: the projected industry growth rate from 2020 to 2027

These numbers reflect a growing need for high quality childcare, as more parents enter the workforce. Partnering with Children’s Lighthouse to open your early education franchise will allow you to meet the needs

A Trusted Brand

Children’s Lighthouse has been trusted by parents for decades. We’ve crafted an innovative educational and values-based curriculum designed to engage children and help them develop their fullest potential, preparing them for the future. Our reputation as a quality educational childcare provider has been set, making it far easier for you to establish your school in your community. Furthermore, once you open your school, you’ll enjoy an exclusive territory that is never in competition with other Children’s Lighthouse franchise partners.

With our time-tested business model, comprehensive training, and unwavering franchisee support, it’s no wonder Children’s Lighthouse is an award-winning, top-tier franchise opportunity.

To find out more about an early childhood education franchise with Children’s Lighthouse, reach out today.

Table of Contents

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