the future of childcare

What Is the Future of Childcare and Some Trends That Are Influencing It?

You’ve heard it before: it takes a village to meet many of society’s most important needs, and childcare is certainly no exception, especially these days. The pandemic has drawn important attention to the childcare industry due to the increased strain it’s put on parents as they try to balance work with access to safe, reliable outside care.

But we believe that even given today’s complexities (or perhaps because of them), the future of childcare is a dynamic and exciting one, with numerous trends influencing it. 

Outside childcare and early childhood learning opportunities are taking on a more significant role in the lives of American families. Here, we’ll look at a few of the trends that are shaping our industry.

Much More Than Childcare 

Many parents today want more than a babysitter, and why not? If they’re going to rely on outside help, why not make the most of it? In response, many childcare centers have transitioned to centers for early learning due in part to the expectations of parents and the emphasis on early education. Research continues to show how capable very young children are of absorbing early academics, and the benefits of early learning opportunities are indisputable.

In this regard, Children’s Lighthouse has shaped the future of early childhood learning from the very beginning. We began our life as more than a resource for warm and reliable childcare; we knew our early learning curriculum would make a difference — to families, their children, and to our franchisees.

Our proprietary approach to teaching and learning factors in a child’s age and stage of development for truly individualized attention. Parents feel good about what and how their children are learning, teachers love teaching our curriculum, and the kids — well, they’re just having fun!

Raising the Bar with Our Franchise Opportunities

In an effort to attract high-quality employees, many corporations are offering childcare as a perk. They’ve either partnered with established outside sources or have included in-house facilities of their own. In doing so, these corporations are raising the bar in terms of quality, with many better childcare franchise opportunities following suit.

Here again, Children’s Lighthouse took that cue a long time ago. Our beautiful and bright schools have set the standard for early learning environments, and our staff members are always highly trained, knowledgeable, and caring individuals who put the needs of children first. Parents know they can trust the Children’s Lighthouse name for excellence.

Safety First and Foremost

Childcare safety has always been paramount, but today, even more so. Parents expect to drop off their children in an environment that is not only loving but also protective, and every Children’s Lighthouse center preschool is exactly that. Our attention to safety means our teachers and staff are: 

  •     Screened using FBI fingerprinting
  •     Thoroughly background checked
  •     Trained in SIDS prevention 
  •     CPR and first aid certified

Additionally, procedures are always in place so that children are only released to people authorized by parents, with every pre-authorized person showing a photo ID before any child is released to them. Children’s Lighthouse has always prioritized safety, which is just one more reason why we’re a leader in the early learning and childcare industries.

To find out more about what’s shaping the future of childcare, reach out to Children’s Lighthouse today!