What Are Some Important Growth Trends in the Childcare Industry, and Where Do We Fit In?

What Are Some Important Growth Trends in the Childcare Industry, and Where Do We Fit In?

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Every industry is influenced by trends, pressures, and advances that can shape the way a person does business in it, and the early childhood learning sphere is no different. Ours is an incredibly robust market, with growth trends in the childcare industry remaining steady and strong; in fact, the US childcare market size was valued at $33.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a rate of over 4% between now and 2030. What these figures demonstrate is just how important our industry is. But what are some of its more significant drivers and trends? Keep reading to find out.

Some Notable Drivers

Today, one of the most important trends in the childcare industry is the emphasis on the many benefits that early learning opportunities provide. They’ve never been in dispute, but today, more parents are paying attention to them, focusing on their children’s overall development rather than simple education.

As a growing number of families become dual income, parents are increasingly seeking outside childcare, but they want more than just a babysitter; they want supervised opportunities for their children to socialize and make friends, enhance their self-reliance and self-esteem, and encourage their cognitive development—all of which your Children’s Lighthouse school will be able to help children do!

The fact is, early learning environments like ours play a crucial role in preparing children for the demands and rewards of higher education and adulthood in general, and parents are seeking out those environments more so than ever before.  That said, demand exceeds supply. Access to high-quality preschool and childcare settings is limited, making a Children’s Lighthouse franchise an extremely valuable resource in the community it serves. A recent survey found that:

  • 50% of Americans report having trouble finding childcare
  • 27% of them say it’s because there aren’t enough open childcare slots
  • 2/3 of parents in the US have limited childcare options

Now more than ever, your Children’s Lighthouse early learning center will be needed, making us a smart investment to consider.

Curriculum Matters

While the benefits of early learning are numerous, not all early learning environments and opportunities are equal; some are simply better than others, and indeed, one of the key trends we find in childcare today is a focus on curriculum that is age-appropriate and that factors in a child’s unique abilities and needs.

Our Lighthouse Pathways™ approach to learning is based on a child’s developmental stage, from birth to age 12, and provides opportunities for individualized skill development, group learning, self-regulation, and inquiry-based investigation. Parents love our teaching approach because they know it leaves plenty of room for a child’s individuality; teachers love teaching it because it’s a well-rounded approach, and children love it because it’s fun! They can be creative, inventive, and exploratory while building many of the problem-solving and critical-thinking skills they’ll need later in life.

We’re as committed to the growth and success of our franchisees as we are to the children we serve, and with over two decades of early learning industry experience, we leverage our knowledge to take full advantage of a vital and important sector.

To find out more about today’s trends in childcare and where Children’s Lighthouse fits in, get in touch today!

Table of Contents

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