Some Great Ways to Approach Your Children’s Lighthouse Preschool Franchise Marketing

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Anyone in business can tell you: getting the word out about what it is you have to offer is critical to success, and that’s no different when you operate a Children’s Lighthouse Early Learning School. Fortunately for our franchise owners, when it comes to preschool franchise marketing, they can count on a lot of help from our Franchise Support Center. At Children’s Lighthouse, we know that every school has different needs, daily structure, and operational opportunities. Marketing a Children’s Lighthouse Early Learning School is no different. Our team of experts know how to market each school in unique ways as to maximize awareness and visibility, keeping you ahead of the competition and in front of your best customers.

Having said that, any marketing plan must include a local component, and that’s where our franchisees come in. They know their communities better than anyone and can craft local marketing that speaks directly to their community. Here are a few ways you can do that, too, as a Children’s Lighthouse franchise owner.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is an extremely useful and immediate way to connect with your best customers. Mothers, in particular, interact with Facebook a lot, not just to stay connected but also to inform their purchasing decisions. According to a recent survey, 81% of U.S. moms on social media engage with Facebook, as compared to 61% of the total U.S. population aged 12 and over. Perhaps more importantly, 58% of those mothers said Facebook is the platform they turn to first for product recommendations.

The power of social media is indisputable. It can help you reach your community in ways other marketing approaches simply can’t. However, using it correctly means you must regularly monitor whatever platforms you’re using and make sure to address any comments, questions, or concerns that may arise. Monitoring social media can be a team effort with franchise owners and their School Directors doing so together.

Make Sure to Have an Informative Website

For many of the same reasons that utilizing social media is useful and important, leveraging your local website page is essential to your Children’s Lighthouse franchise marketing plan. These days, millions of consumers use the internet to make decisions about what to buy and who to turn to for services, and they rely on business websites for accurate information. Children’s Lighthouse has a beautiful and informative consumer site that highlights everything our brand has to offer, from age-appropriate curriculums, health and safety actions, blog postings, and news articles. On top of that, each Children’s Lighthouse School gets its own website page where franchisees can add unique promotions, pictures of their school, learning moments with the children, owner and School Director bios, and much more! It’s a powerful tool to help you reach your best customers, 24/7.

Host an Open House

A preschool open house is a great way for families to tour your school and learn more about everything it has to offer, including the Children’s Lighthouse proprietary curriculum and the teachers you’ve hired to teach it. You can interact directly with your community members, answering their questions, offering them advice, and building relationships that will go a very long way toward establishing and growing your franchise. Open houses are neighborly and inviting and are also perfect opportunities for the children in your community to get excited about attending your Children’s Lighthouse franchise!

Connect with Your Community

A business owner who is involved in their community is one that is ready for success. Think about ways in which to give back — sponsor a little league team, start a food drive, or give blood. Another great way to involve yourself is to join your local Chamber of Commerce. Smart business owners make it a point to join them because of the opportunities they provide to meet new faces, chat with community members, and converse with other business owners.

When done regularly and right, preschool franchise marketing can keep your community engaged and help you reach new families. Ours is a thriving industry, so any resources you put into marketing your franchise will be well worth your while!

To find out more about a Children’s Lighthouse franchise offering, get in touch today!

Table of Contents

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