franchise investment - cash to buy more and more expensive school supplies

What Does a Children’s Lighthouse Franchise Investment Look Like and What Does It Get You?

Becoming a small business owner requires a commitment in time, energy, and resources, and a Children’s Lighthouse franchise opportunity is no different. The good news is because we’ve helped so many investors become our franchisees, we know what to expect when it comes to the numbers.  


Here, we’ll take a brief look into our franchise investment and all it gets you, including how it factors in just about everything you’ll need to get your Children’s Lighthouse school up and running and ready to serve your community. We’re confident you’ll come away appreciating its value.

Our Franchise Investment Is Comprehensive

Becoming part of the Children’s Lighthouse brand requires that you pay certain fees, both one-time and ongoing. Below is a breakdown of some investment numbers: 

  •  Franchise Fee: $75K
  • Royalty: 7% of your gross sales
  • Total Initial Investment: $4,270,225 – $6,314,588

We’ll also ask that you show the kind of financial security that will allow you to worry less about unforeseen expenses and focus more on growth. To that end, we require that you demonstrate liquid capital of +/- $700K and a net worth of +/- $1M.

 You should also factor in other monthly expenses, such as rent or mortgage payments, utilities, payroll, classroom and food supplies, and insurance. For a complete look at our costs and investment requirements, feel free to request a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document, which goes over a Children’s Lighthouse investment in detail.

Our Franchise Opportunity Includes Ongoing Support

Our pre-opening training and support means just about anyone who is financially qualified and has the determination to succeed can take advantage of our preschool business opportunity. We make sure all our new franchisees learn everything needed to leverage our time-tested business model and make the most of our Children’s Lighthouse investment. During your initial training, we’ll go over important topics like:

  •  How to teach our proprietary curriculum
  • How to market your school
  • How to find and hire qualified staff
  • How to set growth goals
  • How to engage with parents
  • And much more!

 After your school opens, you can look forward to the ongoing perks of our brand partnership, including our expert in-house marketing, access to important industry relationships, networking opportunities, and much more. Best of all, because communities have turned to Children’s Lighthouse for quality care and education for over 25 years, we’re a leader in our industry and a name parents trust. Our highly recognized and respected brand name means you won’t have to work nearly as hard as you would otherwise to establish your franchise — we’ve already done that for you!

 Ready to find out more about what it takes to invest in a Children’s Lighthouse franchise? Our team of experts are here to answer your questions, so reach out today!