How to Start a Preschool Franchise in Austin, TX, with Children’s Lighthouse

How to Start a Preschool Franchise in Austin, TX, with Children’s Lighthouse

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If you’re ready to become part of the resilient and important early childhood education industry and are wondering how to start a preschool franchise, we’re excited by our franchise opportunities in Austin, Texas.

Why Start a Preschool Franchise in Austin?

Austin is a vibrant, ethnically diverse city that is seeing tremendous growth on a sustained level. In fact, the city’s population has grown by 21% over the last decade, reaching nearly one million people. It benefits from a large millennial demographic and is home to numerous tech companies, with over 40% of its population of prime working age. Furthermore, Austin’s favorable tax structures make it one of the best cities in which to open a new business. All this and more make our early childhood education franchise opportunities in Austin, Texas, something to give serious consideration to.

You Can Count on Our Franchise Support

If you’re an experienced investor who is researching ways to grow your portfolio, our industry is one you’ll want to become part of. Globally, the early learning market is expected to generate $676.7B by 2030, at a forecasted CAGR of 11.8%, and given that most working parents in the US rely on outside childcare, our industry will likely only continue to grow.

But what if you have no prior experience in the childcare industry — will you need it to start a preschool franchise with us? The answer is no! We’ve helped all our franchisees open their schools successfully and are with them every step of the way afterward, making sure they see ongoing support that positions them for meaningful growth. This support includes:

  • A Proven Business Model

We’ve laid the groundwork with time-tested systems and procedures that take a lot of the guesswork out of running your preschool and position you for success.

  • Expert Marketing Help

Our in-house team of experienced marketers craft strategies meant for national and regional audiences that will keep the Children’s Lighthouse name front and center.

  • Proprietary Curriculum

Our Lighthouse Pathways™ approach to learning incorporates years of experience and research to nurture children and help them reach their full potential for a distinct competitive advantage.

  • A Trusted Brand Name

Ours is a name that communities already know and trust, making it far easier for you to establish your own location, grow your business, and meet your community’s needs quickly.

We know the continued success of the Children’s Lighthouse brand depends very much on the growth of our franchise partners, so we don’t leave that to chance.

To find out more about Children’s Lighthouse and how to start a preschool franchise in Austin, TX, get in touch today!

Table of Contents

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