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When was the last time you frequented a family owned and operated business? These days, there are less and less of them, and visiting one can be a special experience. Businesses that have been started and run by families for generations often approach customer service with more attention and may offer their communities more in the way of specialized goods and services.

The Children’s Lighthouse brand understands the importance and value of this. We are a family owned and operated franchise opportunity that has a long history in the childcare and early childhood learning spheres. The families we serve know how deeply we care about their children and their needs, and beyond that, our franchisees appreciate the time we take to help them establish and grow their businesses. Family truly is at the heart of everything we do and stand for.

It Started with a Mission

Our founders, brothers Mike and Pat Brown, opened the first Children’s Lighthouse school in 1997, knowing that high-quality childcare had to go beyond simple babysitting and playtime; it should offer real opportunities for preschool and school-aged children to learn, explore, develop, and have fun!

The brothers were parents themselves and understood the value of rich learning environments for children. “I was one of three young boys, so my parents knew firsthand how much we thrived in a fun, engaging atmosphere,” remembers Mike Brown, President of Children’s Lighthouse and the son of one of our founders.

With this commitment to a child’s intellectual and emotional growth, the Brown brothers were able to open nine schools in six short years. “Their passion to make a difference for children grew into a successful business model,” says Mike. “My first memories of Children’s Lighthouse are of my dad and uncle sitting around deciding what our mission would be, brainstorming potential names for the business, and my grandmother ultimately coming up with the name Children’s Lighthouse.

My grandmother and my mom spent several days going around town to purchase all the furniture and equipment for those schools. All of us just did what it took to see our schools successful.”

We’re an Industry Leader

All the hard work and dedication that the brothers and their families have put into the Children’s Lighthouse brand has paid off in exceptional ways. Today, there are more than 60 Children’s Lighthouse schools in eight states and counting! Our franchise family continues to grow because our school owners know we’re committed to their success and that our support for them is ongoing.

Our franchisees aren’t the only ones who appreciate our commitment and support; Children’s Lighthouse has been ranked by Entrepreneur as a top childcare franchise for 2022, part of the publication’s annual Franchise 500® list, and we couldn’t be more proud of this distinction. “Franchisees tell us all the time how rare it is to find a company that is still family owned and operated, and how much they appreciate a franchisor that truly cares about their success like we do,” says Mike. “When I was a child, I could not have imagined running this great company my family started!”

At Children’s Lighthouse, we’re committed to the children and families we serve and to our franchisees who help define us. For more information about joining our brand family, reach out today!

Table of Contents

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