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Do Childcare Franchises Make Good Long-Term Investments?

Are Childcare Franchises a Good Way to Make Your Living? Yes — with Your Ambition and Our Support!

If you’re considering an investment in the childcare industry and are wondering whether it’s a healthy market to enter, our decades of experience have shown us that it is. In fact, with 58% of US working parents relying on childcare centers, our industry is more robust than ever, now worth roughly $54B. Children’s Lighthouse childcare franchises are a great way to capitalize on this recession-resistant demand while enjoying our expertise and guidance. Here, we’ll look more closely at some industry numbers that stand out.

Demand Exceeds Supply

Early learning opportunities that are offered in warm and professional settings like Children’s Lighthouse early childhood education franchises have always been something parents want for their children. But today, the demand has increased dramatically. Today, nearly 70% of young mothers participate in the workforce, requiring more families to seek outside childcare. Additionally, the pandemic has forced the closures of thousands of childcare centers across the country, resulting in a demand that very often exceeds supply. Consider these statistics:

  • 50% of Americans report having trouble finding childcare
  • 27% of them say it’s because there aren’t enough open childcare slots
  • 2/3 of parents in the US have limited childcare options

What these facts demonstrate is the importance of quality accessible childcare to the lives of families everywhere, translating into an industry that’s financially robust.

Our Early Childhood Franchises: Part of a Thriving Industry

Quality childcare that’s reliable and accessible is a resource most communities would welcome because, as our franchisees know, a Children’s Lighthouse preschool provides parents with peace of mind and children with fun and exciting learning opportunities. Families understand the value of this kind of high-quality childcare and budget for it:

  • On average, parents spend at least 10% of their household income on childcare
  • 57% of working families spent more than $10,000 on childcare in 2020
  • The average cost of daycare in the US is $340 per week

Children’s Lighthouse franchisees are leveraging our proven business model to capitalize on this very healthy industry, with many of them grossing seven figures annually after 18 months of operation. Of course, we can’t promise all franchisees will see this kind of income (and for a more complete look at the financials, request a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document), but what we can say is that your dedication combined with our guidance and support can translate into a rewarding career, financially and otherwise.

Why Children’s Lighthouse Franchise Opportunities

As we’ve discussed, ours is an essential industry that shows no signs of slowing down, which makes an investment in it something to seriously consider. But if you’re thinking about investing in a franchise in the childcare industry as your way to do so, it’s important to align with the right brand, one with deep industry experience, a time-tested business model, and a commitment to your success. All this and more comes with a Children’s Lighthouse opportunity, and with our brand experiencing real growth, now might be the right time to join us!

To find out more information about a Children’s Lighthouse childcare franchise opportunity, get in touch today!