characteristics of a franchise owner

Setting Yourself Up for Success: Do You Have Some of the Best Characteristics of a Franchise Owner?

Building a successful business takes time and energy, not to mention financial resources. But ultimately, success can often be attained by harnessing soft skills or relying on certain character traits that can’t be measured directly yet play a big role in whether a Children’s Lighthouse franchise will enjoy long-term growth.

What are some of those traits?

Keep reading to find out.

You’re Ambitious

One of the more important characteristics of a franchise owner is ambition — after all, starting a small business takes a lot of time, energy, and resources. Fortunately, you can count on plenty of help from us. The steps to Children’s Lighthouse franchise ownership are straightforward and include our guidance along the way. You can also count on our ongoing support after you get your franchise up and running.

That said, it’s important to remember that this is your business, your work, and your investment. You can’t just set it and forget it. You’ll need to stay involved, identify growth goals, seek out and take advantage of opportunities, and understand that success comes when you have a vision for yourself and your franchise.

You’re Community-Minded

Another particularly important characteristic of a Children’s Lighthouse franchise owner is that they’re community-minded and ready to engage with others. They know their schools are making real differences in the lives of parents and children and are happy to answer questions about that or listen to feedback. Getting out into the community and networking is an important part of the Children’s Lighthouse business model and engaging with others is an excellent way to promote your services. 

You’re Ready to Learn from Us

Many of our franchisees come to our opportunity with no previous experience in the childcare and early learning industries, and the best ones are curious and ready to learn! They appreciate that our time-tested business model has an answer for just about every question they’ve got and that it can put them on the path toward ultimate success.

They’re receptive to suggestions and ideas and are not afraid to ask for help when they need it. They know they’ve got it, too, in the way of our ongoing corporate support. We’re there to help them market their franchises, share industry insight and trends with them, and support their goals every step of the way.

You’re Patient as You Ease into Franchise Ownership with an Eye on Growth

While our opportunity includes a proven business model and unmatched training and support, you will need some time to establish and grow your childcare center franchise. Characteristics like patience and determination are required to take the long view. Success very rarely happens overnight, no matter what industry you’re in, and the best Children’s Lighthouse franchisees not only know this, they’re okay with it. They welcome the time to adjust to the rewards and challenges of the job as they ease into ownership and start enjoying the perks of being their own boss.

We’re proud of the skills and vision of all our franchisees. Ready to become part of our team? Get in touch with Children’s Lighthouse to start the conversation today!