A Breakdown of the Children’s Lighthouse Childcare Franchise Cost

At Children’s Lighthouse, we believe transparency is of the utmost importance. It informs everything we do and is at the heart of our childcare franchise cost. It’s important to us that potential franchisees have a clear understanding of their investment and all that it gets them. The good news is because we’ve already helped so many franchisees set up their schools, we have a very good idea about the costs involved, so you likely won’t be surprised by any unexpected expenses. Here, we’ll take a brief look at some numbers and how they fit into our opportunity.

Our Franchise Fee, Royalties, and other Fees

All franchise brands charge a one-time franchise fee, and ours is $75,000. This sum grants you access to all aspects of our brand, from our proprietary curriculum and software to our training program, marketing strategies, logos, and trademarks. It also means you’ll benefit from the respected and recognized Children’s Lighthouse brand name, making it that much easier to reach your best customer.

Additionally, in order for us to stay on top of industry trends and innovations and to keep the Children’s Lighthouse brand in front of your best customers, you’ll be asked to pay 7% of your gross sales as a monthly royalty, as well as a .5% monthly advertising royalty. Our expert marketing guidance is typically very expensive for anyone who isn’t part of our brand family, but it comes standard as part of our franchise opportunity when you invest in a childcare learning center with us.

Typical Monthly Expenses and Additional Resources

Of course, you can also expect to be responsible for monthly expenses like rent, utilities, payroll, any new inventory you might need, local marketing, and more. Additionally, owning and operating a Children’s Lighthouse preschool requires that you have a certain amount of liquid capital (about $700,000) and net worth ($1,000,000 range), so that you can obtain financing for the project.

Total Startup Costs

Because we’ve been in business for decades, we have a really good idea of what your total startup costs will look like. Based on our experience, they could range from between $4,270,225 and $6,314,588, depending on the size and location of your school. This range is largely financeable (if you qualify) and includes your franchise fees and covers just about everything you’ll need to open your Children’s Lighthouse doors to begin serving your community.

We know investing in any small business takes a significant amount of time, resources, and capital, but we truly believe a Children’s Lighthouse preschool opportunity is one of the very best available in our industry.

For a complete look at the Children’s Lighthouse childcare franchise cost, request a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document.